Restarting After COVID

In this webinar, we will share a medical science perspective on COVID-19 and examples of yoga practices designed to address its lasting symptoms, including the negative mental health effects of the pandemic caused by its uncertainties and by social isolation. The breathing and movement practices we’ll be suggesting may be ideal to employ for the initial resumption of in-facility classes. James Fox will lead this discussion with Josefin Wikström who has been facilitating yoga inside Swedish prisons throughout the pandemic. The webinar will include:

  • Advice and guidelines for facilitating yoga for participants with long term COVID
  • Facts about the disease and what the science knows so far
  • How it has been affecting incarcerated people on a physical, emotional and psychological level and what practices can be beneficial
  • How to share safe breathing practices
  • Adaptations for high anxiety levels
  • Short practices for self-regulation
  • Adaptations and variations for guiding relaxation for participants with high stress levels, panic attacks and trauma flashbacks