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Hello! My name is Bill Brown, and I am the Executive Director for Prison Yoga Project. I've been working with incarcerated people since 2013 when I first encountered PYP. 

I've found with our training, I learn so much from the participants. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Please say as much or as little as you'd like about yourself. We also invite you to complete your profile, uploading a profile image and a cover photo. Look for the down arrow on the top right to get to your profile page.

If you'd like to connect with someone, you'll find a link to the Members Directory where you find other folx in the Community and connect with them there.

If you're the private type and you would rather not appear in the Members Directory, you can also hide your profile and control other privacy settings. To do this, navigate to the Profile Menu Drop Down > Account > Privacy. From there, tote that menu on the left with a link to "Profile Visibility."

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Hello, My name is Dee Opp, and I have been working with incarcerated people since 2015 in the UK. I have trained with James Fox in Sept 2014 Amsterdam and Sept 2017 London. The support and training I receive from PYP are crucial to my professional and personal development. I am looking forward to this training and meeting all the participants.