Submitting CEs to Yoga Alliance

The following instructions provide specific steps for submitting CE’s for PYP Trainings.

Create an account on Yoga Alliance:
Once your account has been created, go to your dashboard and follow the steps below:

1. Select the second box “not in person.” 

2. Select “some contact hours.”

3. Select “yes” to your provider meeting the qualifications above. 

For E-RYT and/or CE Instructor Name, write: Prison Yoga Project

4. Enter your start and completion dates. For activity, you can enter the following: 

The training consists of six parts. Each section consists of self-paced online study with curated reading, videos, podcasts, image galleries, and research assignments. Topics are supported by quizzes to help integrate the content and provide an opportunity for self-reflection. These sections are supported by live, virtual circles led by Prison Yoga Project trainers. 

Enter location: Prison Yoga Project Community Website

5. Enter the following recommended hours:

*Due to COVID-19, through the year 2021, you are allowed to count all 32 hours of the online training towards contact hours.

Hours by Training:

Foundational Training Contact Hours: 32 Change from Within: 38
Techniques, Training & Practice: 4.00Techniques, Training & Practice: 13.00
Teaching Methodology: 8.00Teaching Methodology: 13.00
Anatomy & Physiology: 6.00Anatomy & Physiology: 7.00
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics: 14.00Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics: 5.00

6. Add your personal reflection of what you learned.