Webinar Replays

24 videos
Centering practice can bring you back into your body, help you relieve common stress, reduce the negative effects of external stimuli, and refocus your energy and intention. As an introduction to most of our webinars, we invite guests to offer their version of center practice. Please enjoy these videos any time you need support and grounding.
8 videos
With a focus on the importance of our future generations we host yoga facilitators, school-to-prison-pipeline disruptors, community leaders, lawyers, youth advocacy and disability rights activists and more. We offer and uplift important and unique perspectives of working with incarcerated and system-impacted youth.
Healing Harm
35 videos
Looking through the lens of trauma and incarceration, this series is an invitation into the inner workings of our Criminal Justice system at a national and international level. With Interviews from correctional officers, wardens, judges, activists, lawyers, and professors- we begin to see and shine light on parts of our society that lurk in the shadows. To know and understand is to change.
Prajna Series
11 videos
Featuring Prison Yoga Project’s founder, James Fox, we gather to hear stories, history, and practices ranging from classical yoga period, Taosim, Buddhist Philosophy and thought as it pertains to our modern world. Through practical and approachable application, we can establish another perspective. Change is possible.
The Invitation
12 videos
Join Prison Yoga Project as we interview our facilitators and program directors from around the world. We explore personal journeys through yoga, embodiment, and facilitation. Offering Yoga as a rehabilitation and healing tool, tune in to hear and understand the Art of Facilitation. Come to hear stories of yoga and mindfulness as service.
The Journey Inward
6 videos
The Journey inward is an interview series that highlights individuals who have experienced or have been affected by incarceration. Through sharing stories of triumphs and tribulations we hold space to be witnessed: being seen and heard through our experiences are one way we can facilitate healing of individuals and communities. We believe this work is integral and at the heart of Transformative Justice. Please join Prison Yoga Project as we welcome these stories to be told.