Welcome to our new Community Website!

We’ve long dreamed of a place where the Prison Yoga Project community, our Sangha, can gather. We have facilitators working worldwide to bring yoga and embodied mindfulness to incarcerated people and other groups impacted by trauma. Together we are enriched and informed by our collective experience, and it’s overdue that we have a platform for sharing that experience. 

As we developed this platform, it became clear that it belongs to a broader audience than just those working with the Prison Yoga Project directly. We want to share our experience with the public who supports our mission, with others working in prisons and jails, families of incarcerated people, and people returning to our communities after being incarcerated.

We hope you enjoy this Community. Like any new house, the walls might feel a bit bare, but as we move in and inhabit the space, we hope this space will feel begin to feel like home.

News and Announcements

All members have access to inside news and announcements. If we win a grant, you’ll know about it. When one of our research associates publishes a new paper, you know about it. The next time Josefin presents to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, you’ll know about it.

Public Groups

All members have access to public groups. We have groups organized around our regional chapter and special interests, such as Black Lives Matters or women’s incarceration. Each group has a forum for discussion and will allow the group organizers to let members know about special events and other news. 

Continuing Education

These offerings will include webinars, virtual book clubs, and mini-trainings. We will be adding new content each month beginning in September. Available to people with Supporting memberships or above.

Practice Videos

We offer these videos to support personal practice and demonstrate our approach to providing trauma-informed embodied mindfulness practices. Available to people with Supporting memberships or above.

Resources for Facilitators

For people working directly to offer Prison Yoga Project programs, you will have access to private groups to organize your activity. You’ll also have access to guidelines for facilitation and managing programs, as well as tools to help make the job easier. 

Suggestions are welcome!

If you have a suggestion of something you’d like to see, let us know. We want this site to be yours and to serve your needs.