March 10 Crucial Conversation: Race, mass incarceration and criminal justice reform in NC

Calling your attention to this upcoming virtual event from NC Policy Watch.

“By all indications, North Carolina and the nation at-large have entered a critical and, perhaps, hopeful phase in their centuries-old conversations about race, crime, punishment and the undeniable links between them. Even, however, as advocates and elected leaders have succeeded in enacting new laws and policies designed to address the racism and other destructive biases that have long infected our criminal justice system, many powerful defenders of the status quo persist.

“Join us as we explore where things stand, how we got to this place, and where we ought to be headed with two of our state’s preeminent experts in this all-important field:

“Satana Deberry is the District Attorney of Durham County and one of a small, but growing group of courageous, outspoken, and visionary American prosecutors who are bringing a new and mold-shattering approach to law enforcement and the pursuit of public safety.

Dawn Blagrove is a veteran post-conviction attorney and the executive director of Emancipate NC, a nonprofit advocacy group that works collaboratively with groups and individuals across the state to dismantle structural racism and mass incarceration. “