Trauma Healing Behind Bars

Josefin Wikstrom, PYP Program Director and Training Coordinator in Europe, is featured in an article from The Trauma Research Foundation discussing the benefits of offering yoga and mindfulness as healing and rehabilitation for people experiencing incarceration. Prison Yoga Project is a Therapeutic Alliance member of The Trauma Research Foundation.

The article outlines the benefits of trauma-informed mindfulness, why it’s needed, and other examples of organizations doing this work.

Jim Gilligan, a renowned Harvard psychiatrist, and violence expert describes prisons as being in a state of “chronic recurrent crisis” In his research, he states that the most violent prisoners were also the most traumatized ones. He states that a huge number had been subject to child abuse, and a similarly large number were survivors of lethal violence. 

Leaning on the experience and knowledge of industry professionals, Trauma Research Foundation outlines topics such as ACE’s, trauma, and mindfulness.

If this work resonates with you, our Foundational Training dives deeper into transformative justice and trauma-informed yoga through group discussion, self-study, and embodiment as a way of aligning yourself with the work.

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In the article below, you will find an excellent, cohesive outline of offering social services to those in or affected by the Justice System: