Teaching Series with James Fox

Prajna Teaching Series: Insights, Practices, and Skills shared by Prison Yoga Project Founder, James Fox

Join the founder of PYP, James Fox, for the 3rd Friday of every month as he begins his new teaching series, Prajna.
Register here: https://community.prisonyoga.org/event/prajna-teaching-series-with-james-fox-karma-yoga/

Prajna (praj-nah) is the Sanskrit word for a state of wisdom or understanding derived from higher knowledge than reasoning.
In these sessions, join James Fox as he addresses an enhanced understanding and application of yoga and embodiment practices for personal transformation, emotional stability, and overall well-being based on his 20 years of work with incarcerated people.  Each session will include short asana or embodiment practices. 

Karma Yoga, a path of unselfish action for social change, personal fulfillment, and spiritual liberation.
Karma Yoga is considered one of the three spiritual paths in yoga tradition, along with Jnana Yoga (knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga (devotion). Known as the “yoga of action,” perhaps Karma Yoga could be better described as it relates to contemporary  social change as “yoga in action.” This session will explore Karma Yoga’s role in social activism and its opportunity to deepen one’s evolution as a yoga practitioner and teacher.

James Fox, MA is the founder of the Prison Yoga Project. He began his mission of sharing the benefits of yoga with incarcerated people at San Quentin Prison, where he has taught classes since 2002. Based on his experience, he began offering special teacher training in 2011. And as a result, he has been instrumental in establishing yoga programs throughout the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and Australia. He is the former Program Director for a leading restorative justice organization and has experience facilitating victim/offender education, emotional literacy, and violence prevention courses with prisoners. He is the author of Yoga: a Path for Healing and Recovery, and co-author of Freedom from The Inside: A Woman’s Yoga Practice Guide.