Accessible Yoga Podcast with Bill Brown

Listen as Accessible Yoga Founder, Jivana interviews our Executive Director Bill Brown.

You can find the full episode and transcript here:

In this episode, Jivana and Bill discuss:

  • Bill’s background and personal interests
  • How Bill started his yoga practice
  • How Bill ended up volunteering teaching in prison
  • Childhood trauma
  • How trauma is stored in the body
  • What teaching in prison is like
  • Society failing to care for people
  • COVID disrupting Prison Yoga Project’s work
  • The business back end for people who want to teach yoga in prisons
  • Yoga as shamanistic soul retrieval and relationship building
  • Accessible Yoga Training
  • Prison and disenfranchised people
  • Bill’s experience facilitating classes
  • Supporting students with grounding and emotional release
  • Subtlety in yoga practice
  • Hierarchy and empowerment
  • Neuroscience perspective
  • Letting go of fear and moving into love and connection