Prison Yoga Project Selected by Stand Together Foundation as One of the Most Transformative Nonprofits in the Country

Prison Yoga Project joins a highly selective community of nonprofits working to break the cycle of poverty.

Prison Yoga Project is proud to announce it has been selected to participate in Stand Together Foundation’s Catalyst Program, a management training and peer-learning program to help nonprofits grow, scale, and replicate their success. We are one of 14 nonprofits chosen to join the growing community of over 220 organizations across all 50 states, transforming the lives of more than one million Americans through bottom-up empowerment. 

Prison Yoga Project was selected among hundreds of nonprofit organizations through an extensive vetting process and accepted into the program after a rigorous evaluation. Nonprofits joining Stand Together Foundation’s Catalyst Program are recognized for disrupting the status quo, demonstrating “outside-the-box” thinking, and embracing community-driven and people-centered approaches. Program criteria also include proven outcomes and the potential for scale and cultural impact. 

“This group of 14 leaders represents incredible innovation in the nonprofit sector,” said Evan Feinberg, Executive Director, Stand Together Foundation. “They are already challenging status quo approaches and helping individuals transform their lives in their communities. Together, we hope to deepen their impact both in their communities and across the country.”

“With 1.8 million people incarcerated in the US in a punitive system that is largely unjust and ineffective, we understand the critical need to scale our operations and deepen our impact,” said Bill Brown, Executive Director, Prison Yoga Project. “Already, through the selection process, we were challenged to clarify our understanding of our outcomes and how we go about achieving them. It was valuable learning. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Catalyst Program and looking forward to continuing this learning process in community with the other nonprofits selected.”

The Catalyst Program is a six-month management and peer-learning training program. The experience will equip Prison Yoga Project’s leaders with new tools and approaches to deepen its impact and expand its reach. The program serves as an on-ramp to long-term partnership with Stand Together Foundation, including principles-based management coaching, leadership development, operational support, and access to a community of entrepreneurial peers, influential philanthropists, and business leaders.

We will join 13 other social entrepreneur-led organizations in its cohort experience which officially kicks off on March 22, 2022. You can read more about the organizations here:

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