Trauma Research Conference with Bessel van der Kolk

For the 33rd year, Bessel van der Kolk will be hosting some of the world’s most innovative leaders from the fields of trauma, attachment, neuroscience, mindfulness, body oriented work and psychedelic studies.This event will immerse you in the latest research surrounding the relationship among the emotional, cognitive, social, and biological forces that shape human development.

There is still room to join their virtual conference! You can read and register here:

Starts May 18th!

Our European Chapter Director, Josefine Wikström will be leading the conference in accessible and trauma-informed yoga all weekend!

The objective of this conference is to present current understanding of how people’s minds, brains, bodies and social organizations respond to traumatic experiences, and what currently appear to be the optimal clinical interventions, including the role of relationships, movement, synchrony, justice and processing to protect and restore safety and regulation.

Central is the role of affect regulation and the resolution of misinterpretation of innocuous stimuli as threats, which require interventions that can restore a sense of active mastery and the capacity to mindfully focus on the demands of the present.