Celebrating the Mend Collaborative Launch

Prison Yoga Project is happy to support the launch of Mend Collaborative, a restorative justice organization providing healing, reconciliation, and dialogue opportunities for survivors and the currently incarcerated. We are excited to see new organizations created by impacted leadership and that will provide opportunities for survivors from all backgrounds to collaborate on giving back to our community.

We congratulate Mend Collaborate on their launch and put out a call out for support. Please join the current launch campaign to support this amazing organization by going to their website to learn more.

Their co-founder, Miguel Quezada, was a previous participant with James Fox at San Quentin. We look forward to watching their success and service.

How they got started:
” Mend Collaborative was formed when two persons, one who experienced harm and the other that is responsible for causing harm discovered the power of partnership. Uniquely, Rebecca, a survivor of harm and long standing advocate in the survivor community, invited Miguel, a formerly incarcerated facilitator, to co-facilitate a dialogue. 

What we discovered is that the lived experiences of both these distinct backgrounds bring a valuable wealth of wisdom, expertise, integrity and credibility to the work of healing and restoration. Through the dialogue process came the opportunity to lead by example of the potential to work together as colleagues and in community to be a support to survivors of harm.”