Call to Action: Stop Deportation for our PYP Community Member, Phoeun You

Phoeun You is a Cambodian genocide survivor and refugee who grew up in Long Beach, CA. His family survived the Cambodian genocide by fleeing to a refugee camp in Thailand. Upon arriving to the U.S. as a child, Phoeun faced discrimination as an immigrant. His family endured poverty and  violence living in Long Beach. Phoeun joined gangs for protection and belonging. At 20, Phoeun’s only method of protection and survival was violence. Phoeun’s younger family members were bullied and attacked by a rival gang. In response to an attack on him and his family, Phoeun opened fire with a firearm that resulted in his incarceration.  After serving 25 years, Phoeun was recommended for early release by the Board of Parole Hearings in recognition of his commitment to service, mentorship, and rehabilitation. On his release date, our state prison system (CDCR) cruelly contacted ICE to arrest Phoeun to detain and deport him. He can only be protected if the Governor intervenes. Phoeun longs to go home to reunite with his family. 

Phoeun You was a participant in PYP’s programming and our founder, James Fox, is a mentor of You’s.

To read of his personal experience, linked is an OP ED Written by Phoeun You in the SF Chronicle:

Here is a google drive with all of the possible Call to Action Steps:
Twitter Posts with hastags
Emails for Governor Newsom
Phone Call Scripts for Governor Newsome
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