“Restorative Justice Can Create Safer, More Prosperous Communities”

Stacy Morrissey is a Rockford resident and a program director and facilitator for the Prison Yoga Project. Her work was shared in her local newspaper! An excerpt and the link to the entire article is listed below.

“I have been working since 2019 as a volunteer trauma-informed yoga instructor at the Winnebago County Jail as part of the Prison Yoga Project, which was founded in San Quentin Prison in 2002.

This practice supports healing and recovery for local incarcerated individuals.

Studies have shown that incarcerated participants of yoga and mindfulness classes experience a reduction of stress and anxiety; calmer temperament; emotional control and anger management; improved rational decision making; and reduction of chronic physical pain.

I share this practice because I have experienced firsthand the power of yoga to support healing from trauma. This practice is a tool and a resource.”

You can read her entire article here!