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10/5/23 Live Session Recording

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10/5/23 Live Session Recording

Welcome all & Congratulations! This is the final session recording of the June 2023 YTT Cohort! Consider having a notebook or journal with you as you watch! This recording includes a short visit from Amy Emley, PYP's National Program Director, offering next step information for those who may be interested in joining PYP once you complete the training. You can reach out to Amy directly at with any specific questions!

Please share your reflection, thoughts, and/or questions of the discussion of Ayurveda and self care. The recording ended after this discussion, as the session ended after the break. If you have any additional questions or have not yet scheduled a time to meet with me to discuss you final sequence or program schedule, please feel free to schedule time to talk. You can access my schedule with this link.

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Watching the live session for 10/5 helped to bring me back to center and reflect on my life and how living a holistic lifestyle is vital to my wellness.  It brought ideas and perspectives for me to consider as I transitioned from the prison, the halfway house, to home, and now to a full time mom and contributing member of society.  Keeping connected to my own needs as well as others will assist in contributing and successful transitions for us all.  Thank you for everyone who participated in this cohort. I have learned much from all of you!

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It was so exciting to hear Amy's portion about the next steps of becoming a facilitator with PYP (and about her very relatable path that brought her to this work)! I can't wait to be connected to others in my area doing this work!

The portion about Aryurveda was also very intriguing and has inspired me to commit to booking sessions with one of my teachers who is an aryurvedic practitioner. I am somewhat wary that I don't have an accurate self-assessment of self: I tend to ALWAYS see myself as too airy and not disciplined enough, too flighty and too ungrounded. Is that actually true? Or is that part of what drives me to be overly disciplined, achievement oriented, and fiery? I don't feel that my constitution, diet, or lifestyle fit cleanly into any of the categories and look forward to more experienced guidance. I was also very excited to consider how I can be incorporating a more seasonal understanding of my body and spirit (even though we don't have much variation here in the bay, so I may have to go off of a calendar). This information felt very applicable to my life in a way that it hasn't before. Exciting!

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Ayurveda is an interesting topic. I was in Denver a few years ago and found a book on the lifestyle and had NO Idea of what it was, but for whatever reason I was DRAWN to that book and decided to get it. I tried to read the book and understand the new concept and topic but being able to have it explained and listen to the discussion is helpful and makes me want to keep exploring! It is interesting to view personalities being connected to physical and mental health in a more wholistic view. 

This is the book!   


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I found the conversation on Ayurveda and self-care very important. I also found it interesting how this entire time we talked about the importance of self and going inward which was really put into practice in this last recording.

 The conversation of connecting with your natural constitution really brought an awareness of where I see pitta, kapha, and vata in my life currently. I thought of it regarding my work. Frequently my coworkers will ask me why I don’t move to a less acute and fast paced unit, but my response is that I enjoy the quick turnover and action-oriented piece of my unit and work currently. This lecture helped me to see how this feeling within me is something that does have language already.

I greatly appreciated the conversation on what we connect to personally, but also found it beneficial to look at what causes “dis-ease” and what we can do to find balance. I was struck by a quote from Jen when she said to find “what is sustainable and what makes sense”. Sometimes, what makes sense to me is not sustainable and vice versa. Putting both of these considerations into the conversation can help me to achieve balance and look at topics and issues from a more well rounded place.

I greatly appreciate being part of this cohort and feel I have learned so much through this training. Thank you all and I wish everyone the best as we go on our journeys 😊