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Final Practicum Self Assessment

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Just a reminder, as part of your final assessment, Chanda & I are asking that after you offer your final practicum, you watch the recording of your class and submit feedback to us via e-mail.  ( & 
We'd like you to analyze the following:
  • Your use of trauma-informed sequencing. Is there a clear "wave" to your offering?
  • Language: Are your cues invitational and are your offerings accessible and without judgement?
  • Are you offering the most accessible variations of postures as you guide?
  • Are you using props in a manner that normalizes their use and encourages participants to utilize them?
  • Is your pace accessible to all participants? Have you allowed space and time to embody postures and movement?
  • What do you like best about your sequence? What, if anything, would you alter?
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